AM Worship Service
June 20, 2021, 11:00 am

Sunday mornings are special for the East Oakland church family.  We come together to celebrate and exalt our Lord and God in worship and praise.  As our guest, we encourage you to join in our powerful and reflective songs of praise and adoration to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...as well as songs that motivate each other to live for Jesus.  Feel free to participate in the prayers we offer to our heavenly King.  We invite you to observe us as we partake of communion every Sunday.  Please observe how we give our love offerings to the Lord (you are not obligated to do so).   

Each Sunday, we receive a powerful and dynamic Word from God through our ministers, Dr. Carl Brinkley and Greg Brinkley.  We hope that the sermons will either move you to give your life to Jesus Christ or strengthen the walk you already have with Him.  After the sermon, you are welcome to come forward if you have a prayer request, request to be baptized, or wish to rededicate your life to the Lord. 

After worship is over, please allow us to meet and greet you.  Feel free to speak to any one of our ministers.  We are a warm and friendly church, and we believe you will leave a better person than before you came.  Come see for yourself that we are an excited, elevated, and empowered church! 


Parking Details:
Off-street parking is available in our parking lot.